Loro Parque (Tenerife) exhibits for the first time all the species of cockatoos in the world

Loro Parque has recently incorporated a group of young black cockatoo specimens to its Australian aviaries. The conservation center thus becomes the only zoo where all species of cockatoos can be observed outside the Australian continent.

Four of the species are exhibited in the Park for the first time and one of them is in danger of extinction, so their presence will contribute to the sensitization of visitors on the need to protect wild species and their habitats in the middle natural.

Some of the specimens that have been incorporated into the exhibition have arrived directly from Australia, and others have been born in the breeding center of the Loro Parque Fundación, where a large part of the specimens that make up the largest stock of species and subspecies of parrots are found. that exists in the world.

The installation, which is specially prepared for cockatoos, is a free flight aviary with great visibility to observe the activity of these majestic birds and allows visitors to see the specimens fly in their environment, while enjoying enrichments with trunks, eucalyptus and other elements that keep them physically and psychologically active, as well as food from their country of origin.

All the Australian cockatoos that are in this space, where they practice their flight and are strengthened, are young specimens and, in the future, they will be able to reproduce.

The recreation of its surroundings in Loro Parque reflects the company’s commitment to constant innovation. Thus, this novel space allows these birds to develop their muscles and interact with each other, which constitutes a perfect indicator of animal welfare.