London Luton Airport announces an extension

London Luton Airport, owned by the local Luton Council, which is operated by an Aena consortium under concession until 2031, has announced that it will launch a second public consultation on its proposed long-term expansion. With this expansion it is expected to achieve sustainable growth of up to 32 million passengers per year by 2039 thanks to the construction of a second terminal north of the track and new infrastructure.

In addition, a third station is proposed for the Luton DART rapid transit service from Luton Airport Parkway station to the new terminal, as well as improvements to highways that reach the airport.

The aerodrome plans an investment of 14 million pounds (16.1 million euros) per year for the local communities most affected by airport operations and plans to create 16,000 new jobs.

Robin Porter, executive director of the Luton Council, has assured that the airport is a key engine for economic growth and prosperity in the region and that the new proposal «would generate huge benefits.» Currently, about 17 million people use the airport every year.

The project also needs the support of the central government because it is considered to be a work of dimensions larger than normal. The council expects to submit its planning request to the government by summer 2020, and awaits a decision by the end of 2021.