Les Roches Marbella reaches an agreement with The Aroma Trace®, leader in sensory architecture

Through this collaboration, the school seeks to strengthen its values ​​and brand identity in the campus through an olfactory marketing strategy and continue to train its students in sensory experiences that add value to the hotels they run tomorrow.

The Olfactory Sensorial Architecture has been installed within the educational area of ​​the campus through twelve points that refer to the different environments that exist in a hotel
Through the stimulation of smell, the sense “with more memory”, this marketing strategy manages to transfer to the guest different values ​​and sensations that enhance their experience, meeting the demands of a tourist who seeks more and more to live unique moments in each stay
Les Roches Marbella Global Hospitality Education, an international school of hotel management, has reached an agreement with The Aroma Trace®, a leading company in Sensorial Architecture with more than 12 years of experience, to enhance values ​​and brand identity through an expert olfactory marketing strategy.

Olfactory marketing is a technique to stimulate the sense of smell through technology capable of enhancing tourism products or services, transfer values ​​and desired sensations, taking advantage of the sense that generates the greatest impact on memory. As part of this marketing strategy, The Aroma Trace develops an Olfactory Sensory Architecture service, which consists of the strategic installation of aroma diffusion systems and their periodic maintenance events, fairs and regularly in any space where there is contact with the user, to generate an unforgettable sensory experience for the user, with benefits such as: improvement in the shopping experience, the strengthening of brand branding, a high brand fixation in memory, repetition of visits, positive perception of services or products, and prolongation of the permanence in the place of 15%.
On the campus of Les Roches Marbella, the company has installed its sensory architecture project within the educational area through the placement of twelve points that refer to the different environments that exist in a hotel, disseminating from the reception hall, going through the practice room (guests), the main corridors, the common areas, the auditorium, the office area and the toilets. Given the wide area in which the installation has been carried out, The Aroma Trace® has implemented for this project of Les Roches Marbella all the varieties of product that are used for any type of establishment or business: AromaNebulizer Stream, Spray Diffuser X and Mikado.
For The Aroma Trace® “this strategy responds to the desire of the brand to continue its unstoppable development within the hospitality sector, where it is already a reference. And for that, nothing better than having Les Roches Marbella, the third international university school within this sector and the first in Spain “, explains Luqui Bermúdez, Marketing and Expansion Director for The Aroma Trace.
For its part, the objective of this collaboration for Mano Soler, Director of Operations and Student Services, Les Roches Marbella is “to continue training our students (more than 1,300 annuals of 84 different nationalities) in the context of sensory experiences that add value to the hotels they run tomorrow. We know that the present and future of tourism goes through the experiential, and the more tools we provide to innovate and involve your future guest in all kinds of sensations and unique experiences, more competitive. One of the challenges they have is to adapt the products to the senses, something in which the sense of smell plays a fundamental role, both to attract a new guest and to build loyalty. “