Leo Messi and his universe will center a show of Cirque du Soleil

It will premiere at the Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona on October 10

Argentine FC Barcelona footballer Leo Messi and his universe will star in Cirque du Soleil’s new show and PopArt Music, ‘Messi10 by Cirque su Soleil’, which will premiere worldwide at the Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona on October 10 and start a tour worldwide starting in 2020.

The proposal, halfway between football and theater, will feature a cast of 46 artists and a 90-minute tour, divided into several parts like those of a football match, has been detailed in a press conference on Tuesday by the director and creator of the show, Mukhtar Omar Sharik.

The show will emulate “the rivalry of the stadium, as well as the magic of the theater”, so that a space with two steps will be created, in which there will be a screen of ‘LEDs’ of 11 meters by two and a half meters, which goes up and low and is inspired by the stadium panels.


“Messi will be seen as has never been seen,” added the director, who will seek to excite the public at all times evoking feelings that are experienced in the stadiums: excitement, sadness, anger, criticism and statement of final love for the club and its players.

The result will be a show that shows the passion for football and the circus, where fans can dream and forget the daily stress: “We had to create a show for Cirque du Soleil fans and football fans”.

The result will be the storytelling of “a man who gets lost in a world of wonders and becomes one of the best footballers in history.”

The director of PopArt Music, Matías Lozaiga, has advanced that the stadium that will be built in the Forum will have capacity for 3,000 people and 12,000 square meters; the rehearsals will start in September and will be open to entities and schools, until its release in October.

The show will have 32 performances until November 10, with tickets from 38 euros on sale from February 7 with a presale of 4 to 6 for club members and club members, among others.

The executive director of Pop Art Music, Diego Saenz, has claimed that Messi and the circus have much in common: “The aspiration to be the best and to train very hard”.

He has excused the presence of the footballer, who “would be delighted” to have attended the wheel but is immersed in the rally for the quarterfinal match of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday.

The executive producer of the circus, Charles Joron, has considered this production an important challenge, which has appealed to them to define “where” the intersection of football and circus, and confirm if there was potential to build a show.

Joron has specified that this time they will move to the Parc del Fórum because they do not require a traditional tent, but a special one for this production, but he has assured that the company will return to L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) for future productions.


The show will feature a soundtrack designed by Sony Music for the occasion, with themes also important for Messi and some great songs of history in which his composers work to light “versions for Leo”, detailed the executive director of Sony Music Latin Iberia, Afo Verde.

Besides, the show will have a challenge each night, the Messi10 Challenge, which will invite some spectators to put themselves in Leo Messi’s boots “for a day”, having to answer questionnaires about the life of the soccer player, and participating in dives, as his feeling when going out to the sand every night.

FC Barcelona exporter and music producer Pinto Wahin, who participates in the project, has explained that he will try to compose music that reaches the heart of the public, and has extolled the family that was created in the FC Barcelona of the sextet, with a discipline that He also sighted when he visited the circus company in Canada.