La Palma loses six flights a week with Germany after the bankruptcy of Germania

The Council of Tourism of the Council of La Palma issued a statement on Tuesday informing that the island will continue to maintain air links with Germany, specifically with the cities of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover and Stuttgart, although it loses six flights a week after the bankruptcy of Germania.

Therefore, the area led by Alicia Vanoostende is actively working to incorporate alternatives after the loss of connections to Berlin, Düsseldorf, Nüremberg, Hamburg and Bremen.

Alicia Vanoostende says that her department has already contacted AENA representatives, as well as receptive agents of the different tour operators to learn first hand the consequences of the cancellation of flights by Germania and has also contacted the other companies that operate with La Palma from Germany.

«The bankruptcy of Germania leaves us without six weekly flights with five German cities, currently three of those cities still have direct air connection alternatives with La Palma: Berlin via EasyJet, and Düsseldorf and Hamburg via Condor. in order to know what relocation options for travelers could be made, «explains Alicia Vanoostende.

The Ministry of Tourism will also schedule meetings with airlines that can bet from Germany for the ‘Isla Bonita’ as a preferential tourist destination.