KM0 vacation

Sustainable summer plans to enjoy a rest without neglecting the environment

Holidays, even for a well-deserved rest, are also one of the main causes of the increase in pollution in our environment. According to a study, tourism is responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, almost a tenth of global emissions.

Following the current collection of cigarette butts on the beach, the week of boycott of food packaged in disposable plastic, the promotion of consumption of local products and foods, among many other proposals, a new trend of sustainable consumption arrives this season. summer: vacation from km0. The causes for the growing demand for these new sustainable holiday plans are motivated by the following factors, among others.

Large CO2 emissions due to displacement. The plane, preferred transport and even forced on holidays to islands, exotic or distant countries. Fast and, in many cases, cheap, it is not for the environment, since it is the medium that emits the most carbon dioxide (285 grams of CO2 per passenger and kilometer). In comparison, others, such as the car, and the bus release 104 and 68 grams of CO2, per passenger respectively. The most sustainable alternative is the train, with only 14 grams of carbon dioxide.

Unsustainable practices in resorts and cruises. Uncontrolled water consumption, towels that have barely been used and washed daily, bottles of plastic amenities, disposable straws in the cocktails … Until now, vacations were synonymous with wastage of natural resources and non-organic waste. Luckily, the big chains and cruises are already waking up and applying environmental, savings and corporate social responsibility plans. An example is the Marriott hotel chain that has agreed to eliminate all the plastic straws of its more than 6500 hotels as of this month of June (2019). This means saving the planet the consumption of more than 1 billion straws per year.

Waste of resources and excessive consumption. In vacations not only increases the cost of water (heat, the need for hydration) but also energy and electricity (fans, air conditioning and refrigerators). It also triggers the consumption of catering products, retail, fashion (beachwear, clothing) and food (ice cream, alcoholic beverages), among others. Reduce or motivate a responsible consumption where products without plastic wrap are prioritized, the reuse of packaging or choice of these in biodegradable format, as well as the good use of electricity resources (reducing the consumption of light in bulbs, turning off the air conditioning during the night, etc.) are some of the recommendations for not contaminating, and save money.

Abandonment of garbage in natural landscapes. While on vacation, we seek to discover the novelties and attractions of the place we visit, but the human footprint is more prominent and pronounced than we can think. Consequently, waste and non-biodegradable waste are generated in natural areas and in non-designated areas, which is why we understand: outside of the paper mills. Currently, there are many initiatives to clean beaches and garbage collection in green areas that are adding adepts in order to make the environment not pay for our summer disconnection.

These are some of the actions and holiday practices with the greatest impact, negative, on the planet. Even so, it is possible to be respectful with the environment adding to the trend of vacation km0 that allows you to enjoy the three essentials most sought after in the holidays (beach, culture and relaxation) while offering an environmental option to enjoy the summer in the city . Some of the proposals within this trend are:

Discover a rural area nearby. A few kilometers by train, or car, you can make a hiking route that plunges us into picturesque villages, traditional gastronomy, lakes and natural waterfalls. There are many platforms that allow you to book or hire a local guide or an organized excursion with several options to choose from (historical, gastronomic, wine tour, etc.) and different modalities (on foot, on horseback and even in a canoe) to know nature and near culture.

Enjoy swimming pools from hotels in your own city. When the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees, it is necessary to cool down. You no longer need to travel to enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a hotel, you can enjoy for a few hours of it and its pool, spa, terrace, gym .. and all its services in your own city and without having to stay all the night. An example is the application BYHOURS, in which you can also choose the time of entry to the hotel and pay only for the time you spend in the room (and pool). A good proposal for holidays during the week or during the weekend.

Sign up for a retreat or courses. There are many hobbies or skills to enhance: yoga, meditation, painting, cooking, jewelry, languages, enology, permaculture … even Excel or stock market. Summer, where intensive days are popular, is a good time to learn something new, inspiring and relaxing, and even productive, such as learning to create an urban garden, doing business in French or investing in the stock market.