KLM ensures that the crew met safety standards in the Amsterdam flight incident

The Dutch airline KLM ensures that the crew of flight KL1707 that flew on November 5 between Amsterdam-Madrid that was forced to disembark a couple of passengers, strictly complied with the company’s “safety standards”.

A Spanish couple was expelled this Monday from a plane of the Dutch company that was going to take off from Amsterdam to Madrid due to the incidents registered on board. Several passengers of that flight that recorded the scene have denounced this incident through social networks.

In a statement made public this Wednesday, the company says it “deeply feels” the incidents that occurred before the departure of the flight, and the discomfort it caused in some passengers.

The mismatch occurred when one of the flight attendants took the hand luggage of the couple to change the site and the traveler wanted to prevent it by arguing that inside the backpack was a computer that did not want to move.

The company assures that the crew did everything possible to help passengers store their carry-on luggage. “This procedure is necessary in compliance with the company’s safety standards,” the airline said in a statement.

When not understanding why their belongings were relocated, the traveler began to ask the employee for explanations and the conflict between them ended in a misunderstanding without solution by the language barrier.

The company assures that the crew, “was forced to disembark him from the flight to avoid further delays for the rest of the passengers.”

Regarding criticism regarding the inability of passengers to communicate with the crew or commander who did not understand the Spanish language, KLM argues that all crew members speak Dutch and English.

In addition, cabin managers receive training in one or several of the following languages: Spanish, French and German.