signs an agreement with the Cologne-Bonn airport

The Kiwi travel technology company has signed an agreement with the Cologne-Bonn airport, thanks to which passengers will be able to book up to two flights with two different airlines in a single reservation facilitating faster travel.

This service will be available on the website of the German airport and will facilitate the combination of flights from different airlines. In addition to this service, the ‘Hosted Stopover’ program allows the reduction of transfer times and other offers for passengers flying through Cologne.

Individual reservations are no longer necessary thanks to’s ‘virtual interlining’, and the same applies to passengers using the Cologne-Bonn airport as a stopover airport.

In addition to being able to book flights, users will also be able to enjoy additional benefits such as the guarantee of sufficient wait time when flights are combined and in case the flight of origin is delayed and the connecting flight is lost, the Kiwi guarantee .com is applied and the company will take care of replacement flights, financial refunds and if necessary hotel accommodation.