presents its ‘guarantee’ as an alternative to the flight claim

The Guarantee protects users in case of cancellation or loss of flight without having to resort to long trials with low compensation

The cancellation or loss of flight connections is usually one of the biggest inconveniences in the holidays. Many air claimants foresee making August with such cancellations, although the resolutions are usually slow and, in addition, they arrive late and with commissions over 20% of what is claimed. For those who seek faster measures to solve the inconveniences in situ, the Guarantee, which has presented the online meta-search engine specialized in flights, is one of the biggest revolutions in the panorama of online booking platforms.


The Guarantee protects the passenger from flight delays that could affect the loss of the connection on a route with a stopover; cancellations of unexpected form and changes of schedules that alter the reserved itinerary. For this, the company offers two types of solutions to the passenger: an alternative flight to the destination or the refund of the price of the tickets that have not been used.


In addition, this guarantee also helps to cover the costs of other services if the passenger is stuck at the airport. First, it covers the transports and transfers to another airport in case you have to take another alternative flight. If the delay is more than 8 hours at night, the platform offers accommodation in a hotel and if the delay is more than 4 hours, it also takes care of the food and drink. would be responsible for booking the hotel and would also provide 40 euros for transportation, 20 euros for dinner and 10 euros for breakfast, in case it is not included in the hotel.


How does it work? To be able to carry out all these steps immediately without supposing a cancellation of holidays, has a customer service team that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team is responsible for offering the available alternatives to the passenger, who, under the coordination and supervision of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), will always have the final decision of what to do in case of cancellation or delay. To obtain this service, it is not necessary to pay an extra fee, since it is included in all flights booked from