Japan confirms 33 cases of coronavirus on an Italian cruise ship without passengers and with 623 crew members on board

The presence of 33 people infected with coronavirus on board the Italian cruise ship ‘Costa Atlantica’, which has docked in the Japanese port of Nagasaki, has set off all the alarms in the Asian country, which has 281 deaths and more than 11,500 confirmed cases. from Covid-19.

The authorities of the Japanese prefecture of Nagasaki have confirmed that more than thirty people out of the total of 623 who are on the ship have tested positive, according to information from the Kiodo news agency.

The cruise, from the Italian shipping company ‘Costa Cruises’, is anchored at the dock of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in the port of Nagasaki, where it has been undergoing a repair process since January 29.

After one of the crew tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, the Japanese health authorities have tested another 57 people who could have been in contact with the patient.

The tests have given positive in 33 cases, being one of the infected seriously ill. Nagasaki Governor Hodo Nakamura has reported that he will ask the Self-Defense Forces for assistance in dealing with the outbreak, noting that those with symptoms will be transferred to health facilities near the port. Those who give negative, on the contrary, will be sent back to their countries.

Japanese Cabinet Chief Yoshihide Suga has claimed that specialists and several senior officials from the Ministry of Health have been dispatched to the ship in response to a request from the Italian Government.

«We will take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus in cooperation with the prefecture,» he insisted.

The ship was originally scheduled to undergo repairs in China, but ended up docking in Japan due to the coronavirus outbreak, which was recorded in Wuhan in December.