Jamaica will invest more than 420,000 euros in the next three years to develop health and wellness tourism

The Jamaican tourism minister, Edmund Bartlett, said that during the next three years the government of the country plans to invest more than 420,000 euros in the development of the tourism product specialized in health and wellness in Jamaica.

At the opening ceremony of the Inaugural Conference on Health and Welfare Tourism in the country, the minister said that «Jamaica is beginning to gain a foothold in the tourism industry focused on health and well-being, and we want to continue promoting it and devoting more time to developing it «.

The Tourism Linkages Network will also work in partnership with industry stakeholders to help Jamaicans create accredited health and wellness services for the market, based on their knowledge of the traditional uses of endemic plants and herbs.

This approach to the health and wellness sector is part of the ministry’s mission to expand tourism beyond the traditional concept of «sun and beach.»

The Jamaica Health and Wellness Conference, the first of these characteristics held on the island, took place at the Montego Bay Convention Center on November 20 and 21. The event brought together leading academic scientists, researchers and academic researchers to exchange and share their experiences and results on all aspects related to health and wellness tourism.

Discussions focused on data and knowledge about world health and wellness tourism; wellness travel experiences; nutraceuticals; medicinal herbs; medical tourism; and the value chain of health and wellness tourism.