Jamaica explores new air connections in Europe for the ‘Brexit’

The Government of Jamaica has announced that it is actively exploring additional alternatives for air connectivity from Europe, in light of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. Jamaica receives an average of more than 300,000 European visitors annually. Last year, 328,000 Europeans visited the island.

The Minister of Tourism of Jamaica, Hon Edmund Barlett, held a meeting with several key representatives of European countries in Jamaica at his office in New Kingston, among which were representatives from Spain, France, Belgium and Germany, as reported since country.

«We are taking a proactive step to ensure that air connectivity between Jamaica and Europe remains solid and consistent, given the possibility that our current main gateway from that area, the United Kingdom, can leave the European Union. England of the European Union will affect not only Jamaica, but the region, so the dialogue is timely and fundamental, «said Minister Bartlett.

Among the topics discussed during the meeting, the need to carry out a market analysis, including low-cost European airline scales, to inform about the possibility of an Air Services Agreement of the European Union is highlighted. It was also noted that there was a precedent for such an agreement, specifically, the US / EU Air Transport Agreement 2007.

The director of the EU delegation in Jamaica, Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska, who led the discussions on behalf of the eurozone representatives, said the United Kingdom «has been the historic and traditional gateway to Europe for Jamaica» and, with what before the ‘Brexit’, «there is interest in strengthening relations between the remaining 27 Member States to better integrate the markets and people of those countries»

LWasilewska also indicated that it would seek more information about a framework within which a collective air services agreement could be reached in early September.

«We will continue bilateral negotiations with individual EU member states to increase air connectivity between Europe and Jamaica, which will include talks with large operators in Europe to close the gaps between commercial interests, including code-share agreements,» he said. said the minister of the bouquet.