Italians are the tourists who most use the car2go flexible carsharing in Madrid

Italians are the tourists who most use the car2go flexible carsharing in Madrid

– 7% of the total trips made by car2go users from other countries is made in Madrid

– The number of rentals made in other countries has increased by 42% in the first half of 2018

– The car2go service allows you to enjoy your service in 14 European cities with the same account

Madrid – Carsharing also flexible during the holidays: compared to the previous year, the number of cross-border rentals of car2go increased by 42% in the first half of 2018. These rentals include business trips and tourist visits to European cities in the that operates car2go.

In terms of Spain, Madrid concentrates 7% of international users who rent a car2go vehicle to move around the city. The Italians stand out, since 49% of the users coming from other countries who travel with car2go through Madrid come from the transalpine country. In second place would be the Germans, who make up 37% of the foreign users of car2go in Madrid.

On the other hand, Italy, where car2go is present in Florence, Milan, Rome and Turin is the most attractive country for Spanish tourists. 41% of the international users of car2go in Italy come from Spain, who rely on the car2go flexible car service to travel through four of the most important cities in the Italian country.

However, the preferred destination for European users of car2go for transnational travel is Germany. In the first half of 2018, European car2go users made 43% of the total trips in other countries on German roads. Among the countries where the service is most used by users residing in other countries, Italy also stands out, with 30%, and Austria, which concentrates 13% of car2go users’ rents outside their own country.

«These numbers show that flexible carsharing not only plays a decisive role for our customers in their cities of residence: for many, flexible mobility has become indispensable even during vacations,» says Oli-vier Reppert, CEO of car2go.

With only one account you can enjoy 14 European cities

Car2go customers have at their disposal about 8,000 vehicles (Mercedes-Benz and smart models) in 14 European cities. To use car2go’s flexible carsharing internationally, users only have to accept the terms and conditions of each country. With your same car2go account, you can move freely at any time in Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria or the Netherlands.

From the airport to the hotel, or even day trips with car2go

The rental of car2go that starts or ends at the airport is one of the most popular, and it is possible to do it in twelve European cities. This makes it easier, for example, to start the holidays without having to worry about finding a parking space. In addition, the continuation of the trip with a car2go vehicle from the same airport to the place of accommodation is possible for members of the platform, thanks to the possibility of accessing a car2go vehicle in other countries.

Likewise, car2go packages can be adapted perfectly to visit the most touristic places or even make cultural routes, such as, for example, to the most important museums of each city. The vehicles can be used for 12 or 24 hours at a very affordable price. These packages can be easily booked just before the rental starts in Vienna, in all German cities (except Stuttgart) and in Italy