Israel through the eyes of women

Israel offers from desert tours to literary retreats, sports careers and unique experiences only for women in a country of enterprising and visionary women, which responds to the booming tourist trend of ‘women only’ with unique proposals to discover the corners of this destination in feminine key.

On March 8, the entire world commemorates the women’s struggle for equality on International Women’s Day. Israel is precisely a place that embodies this vindictive spirit.

Powered by the city council of Jerusalem, ‘Women and Fables’ is an initiative that offers a different way of knowing the city in an introspective way. Through this project, women entrepreneurs from different communities open the doors of their homes to visitors with whom they create an environment of intimacy by offering workshops, homemade food and stories about their lives and their ancestors.

A tourist alternative with which they give out their knowledge and, at the same time, generate income for their family economies.

Another project led by great visionaries is ‘Women of Reform Judaism’, an association that is born to give voice to women from all over the world to create solidarity communities by cultivating their personal and spiritual growth while promoting and defending progressive Jewish values.

Among its most acclaimed activities is ‘Women’s Journey to Israel’, trips to Israel in a tour format only for women who share this worldview and who wish to strengthen ties with other Jewish women. From the most ‘foodies’ to lovers of culture or today, there is a getaway designed for each of them.


In Tel Aviv there is the possibility of making a literary retreat only for women. For five days, attendees participate in different activities related to writing and literature, opening their minds and enhancing their creativity.

A perfect combination of learning and leisure with which, in addition to perfecting their writing techniques, participants can enjoy gastronomic tastings in street markets, get lost in the old squares of Yafo, marvel at local crafts or relax on the beach.

As part of the tours carried out by companies such as Puzzle Israel, which offer unusual plans for the most adventurous and non-conformist travelers who wish to experience the destination beyond its surface, ‘A Women’s Discovery’ is a proposal only for women.

This is a week-long trip that brings together women from different backgrounds but with similar concerns on a unique journey with the Negev Desert as the setting.

From the Timna National Park to the mountains of Galilee, the participants embark on a physical, mental and spiritual challenge that will take them to a yincana through the desert, to visit organic farms, participate in wine and chocolate tastings and strengthen ties next to the fire.

In every trip there is a time for relaxation and in Israel this undoubtedly occurs in a place, the Dead Sea. Its muds and waters rich in mineral salts have properties that not only make it impossible to sink into them, but are also capable of providing the skin with enormous softness.

The possibility of visiting countless spas and establishments specializing in skin products in its vicinity make this a place of worship for beauty and one of the favorite destinations for travelers visiting the country.


With the motto ‘Every woman is a winner’, Women’s Triathlon encourages women around the world to dare to reach new goals and express themselves through sporting activity. In a climate of enthusiasm, competitiveness, fun and challenge, the next edition of this race will take place on May 23 in the city of Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv.