Iran admits that the Ukrainian plane was shot down by two missiles and says the ‘black boxes’ are badly damaged

Iran’s Civil Aviation Agency has admitted that the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing plane that crashed on January 8 ending the lives of 176 people near Tehran was shot down by two missiles launched by mistake by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

In its second preliminary report, the Civil Aviation Agency of Iran has revealed that the aircraft was shot down by two Russian-made Tor M1 ground-to-air missiles launched by mistake by the Revolutionary Guard shortly after the aircraft took off from the international airport Imam Khomeini of Tehran.

The study released Tuesday also indicates that the two ‘black boxes’ of the aircraft have suffered significant damage and shows two images of the devices found in the place of the impact of the aircraft and two other identical devices without damage, to illustrate the state in which they have been.

The second preliminary report indicates that the wrecked plane, a Boeing 737 of the Ukraine International Airlines airline that was flying PS752 from Tehran to Kiev, was hit «by two Tor M1 missiles.» «The impact of the missiles and the analysis of that action are part of this investigation,» says the Iranian aeronautical agency.

This preliminary report comes after Iran’s Civil Aviation Agency itself published a first preliminary report hours after the incident in which it pointed out that the fall of the aircraft was due to «a technical defect» in the device, a hypothesis that Iranian authorities rejected days later after initially maintaining that it was a plane crash.

The analysis of the Civil Aviation Agency of Iran indicates that the plane was «completely destroyed» by the successive impacts on the ground after having been hit by the two missiles, with a first blow to the ground near a football field and subsequent impacts against an area of ​​cultivated land. «After an initial collision several collisions were detected in the trajectory of the plane,» he said.

The aeronautical agency maintains that the two ‘black boxes’ of the wrecked plane, the cockpit voice recorder and the flight parameter recorder, were found by the researchers although they present serious damages derived from the fire that the aircraft suffered and the successive impacts against the floor.

«The two devices have been damaged by the accident and the fire. The main part of the memory of both devices is available but physical damage is seen in the main components of the devices,» Iran admits that the Ukrainian plane was shot down by two missiles and says that the ‘black boxes’ are badly damaged, explains the Iranian Civil Aviation Agency in its second preliminary report, which includes the images of the two damaged ‘black boxes’ and some photos of two devices of the same model in perfect condition, to illustrate the deterioration of the two devices.


«After analyzing the site of the impact, the potential radiation damage, including electromagnetic radiation or laser derivative, has been ruled out. On the day of the accident, samples were taken to detect explosives to determine the effects of explosive weapons inside or outside the aircraft. The samples were analyzed in the laboratory, «says the Iranian aeronautical agency.

Regarding the specific state of the two ‘black boxes’, the Iranian aeronautical agency indicates that the device that records the voices in the cockpit and the co-pilot is the one that has been most damaged and that one of the parts is seriously damaged.

The Civil Aviation Agency of Iran notes, finally, that this second report includes «preliminary» considerations and that it is not «final conclusions» about the fall of the aircraft because information on what happened is still being collected and analyzed.