Investigated a tourist to spend 8,300 euros in clubs of Gran Canaria and pretend to drug him to steal

The Civil Guard of the Main Post of Puerto Rico-Mogán, in the south of Gran Canaria, investigated on January 25 a foreign tourist of 47 years as alleged perpetrator of a crime of simulation of crime, after it was spent 8,300 euros in clubs and falsely report that they had put some narcotic substance in your drink to cheat you of that amount of money.

In a press release, the Benemérita explained that the man denounced on January 23 that he was partying with a friend in Puerto Rico and that two women invited him to a leisure place.

Thus, the complainant reported that he had a drink with them and then did not remember anything else, suspecting that they had put some narcotic substance in his drink when he realized the next morning that they had made different charges to his account that added 8,300 euros .

However, the Civil Guards distrusted this version, confirming their doubts after obtaining several indications from video recordings, demonstrations by several witnesses and other inquiries that indicated that the tourist had frequented that night several clubs or nightclubs, spending voluntary in them the aforementioned amount of money.

For all these reasons, the Benemérita investigated the man as alleged perpetrator of an offense of simulation of crime, being at the disposal of the corresponding Court, acting as guard, of the town of Maspalomas.