Inidiecampers presents its outdoor sports guide and where to practice them in Spain

With the arrival of good weather, going out to explore nature, as well as discovering new places, is one of the most demanded options. Practicing outdoor sports to exercise body and mind, yoga, skateboarding or surfing are some of the possibilities and a motorhome is one of the best options as it allows great mobility in addition to allowing us to carry everything necessary for each exercise

One of the most practiced plans in the spring is outdoor sports. The more athletes are willing to leave the gyms and keep their training routine in broad daylight. For those who want to start sports, it is a perfect opportunity to try it abroad thanks to the good weather. Whatever the excuse, the important thing is to do some kind of exercise … even on vacation. And the days off can be used to practice the favorite sport or try a new one.

From Indiecampers, one of the largest online campervans and campers vans rental platforms in Europe, they recommend the best activities to do outdoors while traveling through Spain in a motorhome.


The climbing walls are fashionable and, due to their different levels, many are the ones who dare to try this vertical walk. Some of the outdoor stages are in Rodellar (Huesca), El Naranjo de Bulnes (Asturias), Siurana (Tarragona), Oliana (Lleida), Chulilla (Valencia), Villanueva del Rosario (Malaga), La Pedriza (Madrid) or Montanejos (Castellón). In this sport, we work hard on safety, balance and confidence and, after a hard day on the rocks, you do not have to go home a lot because you can park the motorhome on the same mountain and not worry about more long walks.


An activity that is learned from childhood and that never forgets how to do. The bicycle routes are an option in any company and give the opportunity to see landscapes little traveled and hidden in nature. A good example is the Green Route of the Black Eyes to visit Teruel, Castellón and Valencia. If you want to contemplate the Mediterranean Sea, touring the Sierra de Tramontana will be unforgettable and, for the more adventurous, there is the challenge of TransAndalus, a route that takes a complete tour of Andalusia through its eight provinces.

Yoga / taichi

Relaxing and connecting with the body and nature is also a form of sport, especially if it is done on the coast. The Patacona Beach, the Malagueta or the Barceloneta are enclaves where you can practice peacefully and with the live soundtrack of the waves of the sea. Who would not like an escape like this?

Skate and skating

Learning to do stunts on wheels helps to improve coordination, strength and ability. The best areas to put physical resistance to the test are at the Port Fòrum, at the MACBA and at the Skate Agora BDN in Barcelona, ​​at Madrid Río and Parque del Oeste in Madrid, and at the Leioa Skatepark in Vizcaya.

Windsurf, kitesurf and surf

The most daring in water sports already have the days to dive and sail the best waves of our country. For this, the beach of Valdearenas (Cantabria), the beach of Zarautz (Euskadi), the Lances (Tarifa), the Americas (Tenerife) and El Palmar (Cádiz) are the perfect scenarios for this. Sleeping on the beach in a motorhome is one of the best experiences for a vacation that aims to recharge your batteries.

«In the summer we are looking forward to making new plans. If sports are included in them, traveling can not be an excuse to stop and it can even become a propitious occasion to try new things, «says Hugo Oliveira, CEO of Indiecampers.