Ibiza Airport closes 2018 with 8.1 million passengers, 2.5% more

Ibiza Airport closed 2018 with 8.1 million passengers, 2.5 percent more than in the previous year, as reported by Aena, which has described the figures as a “historical record of passengers.”

Most passengers moved in commercial connections, 8,083,030 users. Of them, 3.27 million did so with origin or destination to a Spanish city, while 4.8 million passengers opted for flights abroad.


In 2018, the months with the greatest increase in passengers were winter months. Specifically in January and February the number of users grew by 16.9 and 19.7 percent, respectively. In March, coinciding with Easter, the figure increased by 33.2 percent.

Regarding operations, the Airport of Ibiza has concluded last year between takeoffs and landings with 76,995 movements, 1.7 percent more.


The last month of the year, the Airport of Ibiza experienced a passenger growth of 7.5 percent over the same month of the previous year with 197,753 travelers, of which 197,471 used commercial connections. Of the total, 180,596 were national and 16,875 international.

By nationalities, the countries that registered the most passengers in December were Spain, the Netherlands with 6,714 travelers and the United Kingdom with 4,212 passengers.

The German market added a total of 2,752 passengers in December, an increase caused by the new route that connects Ibiza with Dusseldorf.

In relation to aircraft movements, in the last month of the year a total of 2,369 operations were managed, 4.8 percent more, of which 2,262 were commercial, which implies a 5.5 percent increase with respect to December 2017.