Iberia congratulates Christmas in a big way

Iberia wants to congratulate Christmas this year to its passengers in a big way, for this it has prepared the biggest and brightest congratulation in the world.

The airline has installed on a video surface 28,800 square meters near Madrid airport, 2,600 LED screens in a matrix of 120 x 240 meters, with a total of four million pixels.

Here Christmas congratulations will be projected that can be seen from the sky, from the planes that are ready to land at the Madrid airport.

The screens will be on until January 1, first thing in the morning and in the afternoon, once night falls.

The airline has created a special website for the occasion, www.navidadIberia.com, in which it invites its clients to send those congratulations.

They only have to write the message, of no more than 55 characters, the date on which they want the airline to project it and the flight number on which the recipient of that great congratulation will come.