IAG rises 5.27% on the stock market after eliminating the veto to non-EU shareholders two weeks after the ‘Brexit’

The actions of IAG, the ‘holding’ that includes Iberia, British Airways (BA), Vueling, Aer Lingus and the LEVEL brand, closed the session on Friday with an advance of more than 5%, after eliminating with immediate effects the limit to the participation of shareholders outside the European Union two weeks after the ‘Brexit’ becomes effective.

Specifically, the company’s securities have closed with a rebound of 5.27%, to be exchanged at a price of 7.88 euros, which has placed the group as the second most bullish value of the Ibex 35.

On February 11, 2019, IAG’s registration of registered shares showed that the level of ownership of the company’s capital stock by non-EU shareholders had reached 47.5%.

The board of the holding company then decided that, in view of the level of shareholding by non-EU shareholders, it was necessary to set a maximum total of non-EU shares in accordance with the IAG bylaws.

Currently, the percentage of shares issued by IAG that are owned by investors outside the EU is, as recorded in the IAG securities registry book, of 39.5%, as reported by the owner of Iberia, which now effectively eliminates Immediate maximum allowed.

The board of directors of IAG will continue to monitor the percentage of shareholding of shareholders outside the EU, although it may once again impose the maximum allowed at any time it is necessary.