How is Greenland, the island that Trump wants to buy

Greenland, considered the largest island in the world, is located in North America between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean and is politically an autonomous region of Denmark – for now – and is a tourist destination worth exploring for the more adventurous .

The island has monopolized the media this Friday, after the president of the United States has consulted with his advisors the possibility of buying the territory to expand the US borders. The Greenland Government has rushed to answer that the territory «is not for sale,» after the American newspaper ‘Wall Street Journal’ revealed Trump’s intentions.

What is Greenland like? 77% of its surface is covered with ice.

In this region, all cities are located along the west coast, which is the part that is free of ice and the little more than 60,000 inhabitants are mostly concentrated in the capital, Nuuk.

From the tourist point of view, it is a spectacular place through wild nature, although a trip to Greenland is a small adventure, since transport is quite complicated: it is only possible to arrive by plane, there are hardly any roads and no There are railway lines.

However, if the tourist embarks on the adventure, the experience will be different from any other destination, since the country is basically a glacier where you can enjoy white landscapes, icebergs and dog sled expeditions.

On the white snow stand out the colorful Greenlandic houses, such as these from Tasiilaq, which traditionally were painted in different colors very striking depending on their use to be able to distinguish them more easily in the dark of winter.

Most travelers decide to visit the island in summer, when temperatures are milder, although the best time to see the spectacular northern lights of the Arctic is in the spring.

In addition, between March and April it is possible to navigate between the icebergs, using the fjords as highways. Whale watching is one of the most attractive activities, for this, a kayak ride is typical in these waters, in fact the term, which has been exported worldwide, comes from the fishing canoes used by the Eskimos or ‘inuits ‘of this region.

For those less afraid of the polar cold, it is also possible to dive in the Arctic waters, a unique experience to see crustaceans, anemones, starfish, sow worms and many other creatures.

Among the most recommended routes is the trip through the Tasermiut fjord, considered one of the ten wonders of the Arctic, for its impressive vertical walls, the Arctic ‘big walls’ surrounded by an alpine environment of glaciers and tundra along the entire travel.

On that route, the visit to Qassiarsuk, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2017, is an idyllic village of farmers with the most important ruins and reconstructions of the Viking era, such as those of the house and church of Eric the Red, between others.