Hoteliers point to a «good season» tourist this summer

The employer admits future concern about the contraction of GDP in Germany and the situation of Ryanair

Spanish hoteliers point out that this summer is being a «good season» tourist, in general terms in tickets and spending, despite the decline in British and German tourists, with an increase in average spending per visitor, a trend they consider «very important» , since it is not so much about breaking the record in arrivals of foreign visitors to Spain but of «raising the average income» per customer.

Speaking to RNE, collected by Europa Press, the president of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (CEHAT), Juan Molas, has stressed that the sector has hired 190,000 more workers this summer compared to previous years and has advocated not Enter a price war with competing countries.

«We are enjoying a good summer season in ‘sun and beach’ destinations but also in the interior, with the cultural, gastronomic and shopping tourism offer that is emerging with great force,» he said.

However, the hotel president has acknowledged that the latest news such as the contraction of GDP in Germany – the largest economy in Europe – or the risk of the loss of Ryanair bases in Gran Canaria, Tenerife South and Girona with the consequent eventual decline in places, especially in the Canary Islands, «worries the tourism sector in the future»

It has also referred to the uncertainty that the ‘Brexit’ throws on the sector, given that the British market represents almost 25% of the total foreign tourists visiting Spain, although it has indicated that it will be necessary to see what agreements can be reached between the EU and the United Kingdom on air transport. Meanwhile, he recalled that the British tourist is a faithful traveler to Spain, which he usually repeats.

On the other hand, from the hotel management has insisted on claiming «stricter» rules on the rental of tourist apartments, an «unfair competition», starting from the registration sheet – mandatory for hotels, apartments, campsites and spas – before the «lack of control» in this type of accommodation, which in his opinion «is not good for the sector».