Hotel reservations with thematic activities grow 55%

Reservations in full hotel facilities for the development of thematic activities and games have grown by 55% in recent months, according to a study by the online travel booking platform

It is increasingly common for a group of travelers to come together to perform a role-playing game, cluedo live, mystery, escape or investigation. The hotel sector is starting to offer complete thematic packages, such as those in the style of wellness tourism or gastronomic tourism.

Until now these groups had no way of choosing and comparing hotels since the traditional ‘online’ booking platforms do not allow reserving volume of rooms, so they had to talk one by one with the hotels and be authorized for these activities. Now, offers services to groups with a personalized reservation for the activity they are going to carry out.

This group profile requires rooms for their scenarios and activities, outside areas that can be reserved for them. The platform has organized some experiences for groups in which they needed to customize and change the props of the hotel, the rooms and rooms for the game in question.

This type of travel, which mobilizes many travelers, allows the hotel to guarantee the coverage of the accommodation and all the expenses derived from the trip, such as food or optional activities.

On the other hand, the fan phenomenon and the celebration of thematic meetings are growing, with an increase of 10% in bookings for the end of the year of groups of fans that want to celebrate a thematic convention on a film or saga.