Hotel Reding Croma and technology explore new ways of relating colors to travel

The design intention of this hotel is reflected in such striking aspects as having assigned a different color to the decoration of each floor

When a person decides to start and plan a new trip, he often takes into account a first image he has seen through a magazine, a video or a photograph. One of the aspects that most impacts this idea of ​​destiny is the color that predominates and that marks that destiny in the retina. Faced with this color-destination relationship, guides and tips have been created that can be found through the network, but you can also use a tool that varies the search mode and, based on the color selected from your table, it will indicate which It is the desired destination.

Explorra, web specialized in travel, has this colorful section formed by sixty tonalities. When choosing a color, a series of photographs containing the chosen color tone appear and it is in the legends of the photos where the tourist destination appears and a link to the chosen destination guide, where normally all kinds of information about that place appear. 

In addition, this project has an interesting aspect, and it is that it is a collaborative web, so that each user can create their ideal trip or upload their photographs to share their experiences with the community and see if the tool has finally been useful or not.

In this way new technologies open the doors to a vision of the destination of travel, which often comes conditioned by the image that these tourist destinations want to offer, sometimes more authentic and others marked by economic or promotional interests.

But following the general lines, it is interesting to review some of the most significant examples of the destination-color relationship:

If you like red, a good option is to visit the Grand Canyon of the Colorado or the disturbing Ayers Rock of Australia. Also cities like Marrakech or like the historic Petra, in Jordan.

If, on the other hand, you like blue, the trip can take you to Antarctica or to the cold waters of the Arctic. Although you can also leave aside the most icy destinations and visit a paradisiacal beach in the Caribbean or Polynesia. Another representative example is Chaouen, the blue town of Morocco, or Júzcar, the Spanish town officially converted into ‘Smurf town’.

Green is much easier to find, since it refers to lush landscapes. A French vineyard, a valley of the Alps in spring, a Scottish meadow …

As you can see, the chromatic variety also offers a world of possibilities. In the case of Barcelona, ​​being a single destination, there are many spaces that opt ​​for different color ranges, seeking to attract tourism within a very competitive sector. An example of this is the Hotel Reding Croma, located right in the center of Barcelona and whose philosophy of colors reinforces the importance of color in the destination.

The design intention of this hotel is reflected in such striking aspects as having assigned a different color to the decoration of each floor: blue, yellow, green, orange or red. In the same way you can find a series of specific ideas reflected in the form of words and distributed in the corridors. These details only reinforce how a color can transmit sensations and experiences that shape the memory of a destination that has traveled, getting science and technology to go hand in hand to continue to evolve within the world of travel.