Hotel occupancy will be around 89% at Christmas in Tenerife, two points less than last year

Hotel and non-hotel establishments in Tenerife have an average occupancy of 89% this Christmas, a figure two points lower than last year, when the forecast for the Christmas period was 91%.

These data come from the Ashotel survey carried out each year in the highlighted holiday periods (Easter, summer and Christmas) and on this occasion, the results obtained correspond to a total of 79,000 beds in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

By areas of Tenerife, the hotels in the south foresee an average occupation of 90%, three points below the forecast of 2017 (93%), while the establishments in the north also expect very similar figures, with 87% compared to 88 % expected last year.

The metropolitan area shows a somewhat worse behavior than the rest of the areas of Tenerife, with an average occupation of 71%, compared to 75% in the same period of the previous year.

The employer informs in a note that this is the second Christmas in which hotel occupancy in La Palma is maintained in more usual percentages, after the peak of occupancy experienced by the island in 2016, with a forecast of 94%, motivated by various causes These are related to the improvement of connectivity with European destinations, mainly, or the effects of the closure of some competing destinations in the Mediterranean region due to the known situations of political instability.

This circumstance was moderated in 2017, with an occupancy forecast of 84%, a percentage that drops two points for this Christmas period (82%).

For its part, La Gomera predictably record an occupation of (88%) two points above the forecasts for Christmas 2017 (86%), a date that registered three points more than the actual occupation that finally occurred on those dates in the Isla Colombina, and that was 83%.

On the island of El Hierro, the average occupancy rates for these dates vary depending on the holidays.

In the case of Christmas Eve and Christmas, the forecast is around 60%, same figure as last year, while as the year approaches, that average increases irregularly, according to the establishments, although the average is close to 80%, very similar to 2017.

The slight fall in average occupancy corresponds to the effects already known that place 2018 as a good year, but not as much as the exceptional 2017, an exercise that may not happen again in this cycle, according to Ashotel.