Hosted tourists increase by 5.5% in Tenerife in the first quarter

Tenerife registered in the first quarter of the year a total of 1,435,242 tourists staying in their tourist establishments, 5.5 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

The data of the Statistics of Receptive Tourism of the Town hall, analyzed by the Department of Investigation of Tourism of Tenerife, confirm a rebound of the number of housed in hotels of a 3.49 percent that reaches 18.6 percent in the case of five-star hotels, while in the case of extra-hotel demand, it accumulates growth in the 10-percent period.

Although the stay was reduced by 0.15 points for an average of 7.44 days in the quarter, overnight stays accumulate a growth of 3.4 percent, with a total of 10,673,810 overnight stays, the Cabildo said in a note.

Employment, which stood at 67.4 percent, fell by 3.4 percent in the island as a whole, mainly due to the greater accommodation offer, which grew more than overnight stays.

In the analysis of the main issuing markets, Spanish tourism maintained a positive evolution in the quarter despite the so-called ‘calendar effect of Holy Week’, which the previous year coincided with the last week of March, while in 2019 it has been in the month of April.

Thus, Tenerife registered a total of 227,937 Spanish tourists, which represent 3 percent more than in the first quarter of last year, thanks to the good behavior of Canarian tourism influenced by the Carnival in its good results (+ 12.3%).

In the case of the peninsular tourism, it descends 2.2 percent while waiting to travel during Easter in the month of April.

On the other hand, foreign tourism accumulates a growth between January and March of 6 percent for a total of 1,207,305 housed in tourist establishments on the island.

The British market, the main issuer of tourists to Tenerife, grew by 9.5 percent and reached 496,922 Britons. French tourism also increased (+ 9.6%); Irish (+ 17.3%); Italian (+ 9.6%); Finns (+ 4.2%); Danish (+ 10.1%) and Norwegian (+ 16.1%). Also the Russian market shows dynamism in the quarter with a growth close to 29 percent in the housing figures.

They also improve Dutch tourism (+ 6.1%); Belgian (+ 2.1%); Swiss (+ 1.9%); Austrian (+ 14.8%) and Eastern European countries (+ 11.7%) and the inflow of Germans (-4.7%), the second foreign issuer on the island affected by the bankruptcy of the Germania airline and the recovery of competitors, as well as Swedish tourism (-13.6%).

Hosted tourists increase by 5.5% in Tenerife in the first quarter

As for the main tourist areas, the North of Tenerife maintains a housing growth in the first quarter of 5.9 percent. The South, which from January to March has hosted 76 percent of the total number of tourists staying on the island, rises 5.3 percent in the period.


Only in the month of March, Tenerife has registered a total of 520,276 tourists staying, which has resulted in a lodging increase of 3.2 percent, a very positive figure if one takes into account the ‘calendar effect of Holy Week’.

Although in the total of the markets this calendar effect does not provoke negative figures, yes in the case of the peninsular tourist, that throws in the month a decrease of 15.2 percent.

As for overnight stays, there was a total of 3,627,801 in March and increased by 2.8 percent, almost in line with the increase in accommodation as the stay remained practically stable (-0.03 points) in almost seven days on average .

Employment in March fell by 4.1 percent, registering an average rate of 66.5 percent in the month.