Hays Travel offers employment to almost 2,000 former Thomas Cook workers in the United Kingdom

Hays Travel, the independent British travel agency that acquired the 555 offices of Thomas Cook in the United Kingdom after its bankruptcy, has reported that it has made offers to 1,982 former workers of the tour operator offering them jobs in the offices, reports’ The Guardian ‘.

The chain’s owners, John and Irene Hays, announced their intention to re-hire up to 2,500 of the 9,000 workers Thomas Cook had in the country’s agencies.

Although the tour operator’s directors said on Tuesday in an appearance in the British Parliament that the business «was not profitable», Hays Travel have shown their intention to «succeed» through the increase in sales of combined trips.

Hays Travel, based in the English town of Sunderland and with 190 offices in this country, has already hired 421 employees who worked for Thomas Cook and has also offered employment to the crew of the Thomas Cook Airlines airline.