Half of the German walkers in the Serra de Tramuntana would volunteer to improve their conservation

Half of the walkers surveyed by Amics de la Terra Germany (BUND) would be willing to dedicate a day of voluntary work to improve the conservation of the Serra de Tramuntana and even some of them would pay a reasonable amount to participate in a activity of this type.

Also, as it is exposed in the study, those that would not be dedicated to volunteering are due to vacations, lack of time, their age or that in other regions is more important.

Amics de la Terra have explained in a statement that half a dozen German volunteers spent five days in Mallorca during the high season of hiking in 2017, polling almost 200 German-speaking hikers.

The objective of the surveys was to know the knowledge of visitors about the Serra de Tramuntana, their level of environmental protection and their state of conservation, and to assess their interest to participate actively in volunteer work to help maintain the landscape of the Serra.

The survey shows that a high percentage knows Unesco’s declaration of World Heritage but it has not influenced much in its decision to visit the Serra de Tramuntana.

In general they are satisfied with the conservation of the landscape and are not aware of the problem of the invasion of pines in the olive groves or the abandonment of terraces and dry stone walls.

Regarding their criticisms, the senderistas lament the lack of signaling, especially at the beginning of the roads, and the lack of information in the German language.

The results reveal that the majority of hikers (60 percent) are over 50 years of age, university studies (58 percent) and travel with their partner, friend or family, not in organized groups.

The average duration of your stay is 8-9 days, the majority stay in hotels (50 percent) or tourist apartments (25 percent).