Google Maps will allow you to follow local guides as in a social network

Google Maps will incorporate a new tool that allows users to follow local guides as if it were a profile in a social network to be able to see places, meals and all kinds of information of interest about a particular city, a function that will initially be available In nine cities.

Google has announced through a statement the incorporation of a new tool to Google Maps that will allow users to follow the profiles of the most prominent local guides of a particular place to access information that they are interested in about the place they are visiting such as Best places to eat, to visit or what activities can be done. These data may be accompanied by sample photographs.

This tool will be found within the ‘For you’ tab that already appears in the application and will be available «soon» for nine cities in a first release, which are Bangkok (Thailand), Delhi (India), London (United Kingdom) , Mexico City (Mexico), New York (United States), Osaka (Japan), San Francisco (United States), São Paulo (Brazil) and Tokyo (Japan).

Currently, there are a total of 120 million local guides on Google Maps throughout 24,000 cities that provide their criticisms, photos, lists and recommendations to the user about their city in order to help visitors during their stay in the place.