Google manages 65% of hotel reservations, according to Roiback

65% of hotel reservations generated through meta-search engines come from Google Hotel Ads (GHA), according to a study by the direct channel manager of Roiback hotel sales, which indicates that customers who have activated this channel get 900% of the Return on investment (9 euros for each euro invested).

In this way, it becomes the most profitable metasearch engine of all – above Trivago and TripAdvisor – with a growth of 150% compared to the same month of the previous year, when it only represented 26%.

In a context in which 75% of travelers book their holidays online, Roiback highlights the importance of maximizing the digital presence of hotels, both independent and chains, and take advantage of the advantages offered by metasearch engines.

The technology company based in Palma has stressed that the return on investment (ROI) of its customers using Google Hotel Ads is around 900% (9 euros of return for every euro invested).

In addition, the reservations generated by the same hotels were compared through GHA during the summers of 2017 and 2018, and an increase of 77% has been detected, with practically the same levels of profitability, or even lower in some cases thanks to the optimization

According to the figures of Roiback, the cancellation ratio through GHA is also lower, since it is around 13% (below the OTAs that have a cancellation between 20% and 40%).

By market, the Roiback study highlights that approximately 50% of the reserves generated through GHA come from nine countries: Spain, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal, but in total there are 80 countries of origin that generate reserves.

Finally, and regarding the increase of visibility in mobile devices, Roiback has informed that 40% of the reservations generated in this channel are produced through this type of devices.