GoEuro becomes Omio

The leading transport reservations platform in Europe changes its name to start its international expansion strategy

After releasing its new image at the end of 2018, the platform culminates its rebranding with a new name adaptable to all languages

GoEuro, the main search and booking platform for train, bus and plane travel in Europe, has revealed its new name, Omio, chosen to support its ambitious plans for growth and global expansion.

The company, founded in Berlin five years ago, will present the new name to consumers over the next month. Under the new Omio brand, the Berlin platform is preparing to expand into new markets, both in terms of users and transport companies. South America, Asia and the USA Currently, they are among the priority markets for Omio, which will also continue to increase its presence in Europe.

The main reasons for choosing the Omio brand as the new name are that it is short, easy to remember and cheerful. The two «oes» symbolize the origin and destination of a trip and, at the same time, create a subtle link with the original name.

Since its launch in 2013, GoEuro has grown to become one of the largest travel booking platforms in Europe, successfully gathering huge amounts of data on the European transport network to create booking experiences in an easy and intuitive way.

Currently Omio already has more than 27 million users per month, the largest offer of tickets in the mobile and a service available in 18 languages. Also, in October 2018 the platform raised 150 million dollars in one of the largest funding rounds in Germany with the aim of promoting this international expansion.

About this change Naren Shaam, CEO and founder of GoEuro, affirms with satisfaction:

«In just over five years we have gone from being a metasearch engine with presence in two countries to a platform and application of reserves with global reach and fully operational in 15 countries. The name GoEuro has brought us here and has become the benchmark to facilitate travel to millions of people traveling to Europe and within Europe.

But our ambition now goes far beyond the European continent. Global transportation is not offered in a single product; We want to offer customers from all over the world the opportunity to travel easily anywhere, as we already do in Europe. I am really excited to be making the transition and we believe that, with Omio, we will achieve even more important things.

We believe that travel planning in the future will be a completely different experience than today: instead of looking for stations and airports people will look for destinations. It will no longer be necessary to queue up to buy a printed ticket; There will also be no need to have separate tickets for each stage of the trip. Transportation will depend directly on consumer demand, and Omio will be driving that change. »

Thus, Omio culminates the process of brand change that started at the end of 2018 with the new brand identity that paved the ground for the new name.