German chef Harald Wohlfahrt joins the team of chefs of MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises has announced a new collaboration with the prestigious German chef Harald Wohlfahrt, one of the ten best chefs in the world and the only German chef to wear three Michelin stars for 25 consecutive years.

Chef Wohlfahrt will create a new menu for the MSC Yacht Club’s private restaurant of the ‘MSC Meraviglia’, ‘MSC Splendida’ and ‘MSC Preziosa’, for his Northern European itineraries. He will also prepare two main dishes for the Gala Night menu.

Wohlfahrt will share with the whole team of the shipping company their knowledge and experience so they can recreate on board the most emblematic dishes of this great cook. Wohlfahrt has trained dozens of German chefs who, together, add up to more than 60 Michelin stars. Their gastronomic delicacies can be enjoyed on board from 2019 on all the company’s boats.

The German chef also has a unique experience: the creation of menus for astronauts. He was commissioned to create food for the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) of the European Space Agency (ESA).


Wohlfahrt joins the group of world-class chefs who are collaborating with MSC Cruises, each known for their great culinary skills and personal style.

In March 2019, with the entry into service of ‘MSC Bellissima’, the inauguration of ¡HOLA !, the restaurant of Ramón Freixa, a Spanish chef awarded with two Michelin stars, will be celebrated. A tapas restaurant that combines tradition and avant-garde.

Freixa opened its first restaurant on the high seas for MSC Cruises aboard ‘MSC Seaview’, and did so with a restaurant specializing in fish: Ocean Cay.

‘MSC Bellissima’, like its sister ship, ‘MSC Meraviglia’, will also feature the chocolate bar and Chocolate Bar of award-winning pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury.