France activates a guarantee system for the clients of the French subsidiary of Thomas Cook for its insolvency

The French Foreign Ministry has set up a system of guarantees for the clients of the Thomas Cook subsidiary in that country who are abroad after it has been declared insolvent, the French Government has reported.

Following the announcement by the company that it will not be able to provide the services marketed to customers, the French Government has urged the Professional Association for Tourism Solidarity (APST) to activate this guarantee mechanism in the framework of the European directive on combined trips.

Thus, customers who have purchased a combined trip with Thomas Cook France will be covered to get a transport ticket for the return and a letter of guarantee to be able to present to the establishment where they are staying, as well as the reimbursement of booked trips that have not yet been made. In the event that you have purchased your trip from an independent agency, they recommend contacting her.

This guarantee only covers combined travel customers, so those who have purchased airline tickets independently must contact their insurance or bank in order to benefit.

In total, at the time of the bankruptcy of the tour operator, France counted about 10,000 French tourists traveling with Thomas Cook abroad and who had to be repatriated.