Four senior Air Jet Airways resign, bound to close

The Indian airline Jet Airways has announced the resignation of its CEO, Vinay Dube, its CEO, Rahul Taneja, its financial director, Amit Agarwal, and the secretary, Kuldeep Sharma, which further reduces the airline’s recovery. He suspended operations on April 17, due to lack of financing.

The airline announced the total suspension of all its flights, both domestic and international, after the State Bank of India (SBI, for its acronym in English) rejected on Tuesday the request for emergency funding of the company.

In a statement, the company said that, given that the company had no economic reserves from any other funding source, «it would have been impossible to pay for fuel or other essential services to maintain the operations. The redistribution and the retransmission of this content without your prior and express consent.

Jet Airways is waiting to receive the funding requested «repeatedly» from SBI and the support of potential investors from India to be able to resume services in the future.

The airline, with an estimated debt of 1,200 million dollars (1,062 million euros), was struggling in April to obtain emergency financing that would allow them to continue with operations.

In the last few weeks, it has been losing planes that landlords have taken out of rent, at the same time that it has lost workers and its slots have been handed over to competitors. And express consent.