Formentera, Palma and Ibiza, the most expensive cities in Spain to rent a car

Formetera, Palma and Ibiza are the most expensive cities in Spain to rent a car, according to an analysis by and

Specifically, the price in Formentera reaches 54 euros per day, in Palma it stands at 46.3 euros per day and in Ibiza it is 45.5 euros per day. On the other hand, the most expensive cities of the Peninsula are Tarragona (41.4 euros a day), Barcelona (36.1 euros a day) and Cádiz (35.8 euros a day).

The islands are, precisely, one of the destinations with the highest demand, since the dependence on the rental car is greater. All in all, the Canary Islands have cheaper prices than the Balearic Islands to rent a vehicle.

In fact, the most expensive canary destination to rent a car (La Gomera, with an average price of 30.4 euros / day) is 21 percent cheaper than the cheaper Balearic area (Menorca, with an average price of 37 euros /day).

In addition, the airports of Madrid, Menorca, Palma and Barcelona, ​​are the most requested collection points, followed by the train station of Madrid-Atocha.


Ibiza is the city where there is more difference between car collection points: a driver can save about 140 euros if instead of picking up the rental car in the center of Ibiza (with a price of 181.2 euros for a rental of eight days) at the airport (40.3 euros for the same service), a price four times higher (+349 percent).

Ibiza is followed by Valencia, with a difference of 289 percent, Alicante (264 percent), Barcelona (222 percent) and Menorca (205 percent), as cities with the greatest difference in prices according to the place of collection of the car.

In general, in Spain pick up a rental vehicle in the center of a city (with an average price of 111.6 euros) is 110 percent more expensive than doing it at an airport (53.1 euros).

Between January and July 2018, car rental reservations in Spain have increased by 38.5 percent over the same period of the previous year, while the average price has fallen by 16 percent.

Among the factors that influence the rental price of a vehicle include extras, such as GPS or baby seats; the collection and return points; the distance traveled; the profile of the driver – it is usually penalized to minors of 25 and greater than 70 or the little antiquity to the steering wheel; and the fuel policy.

The director of business development of Rastreator, Álvaro Bas, recalled that car rental has its peak demand in the summer months so it has recommended comparing offers to find the best option for each user.