Flying in September this year is on average 32% cheaper

According to the study

Flying in September is much cheaper than previous years.

Some destinations have reduced their average price by up to 52% compared to previous years.

Tenerife continues for the third consecutive year as the most demanded destination to travel in September.

They are followed by Paris, London, Madrid, Gran Canaria and Rome.
Eleven of the twenty most demanded places to travel in September correspond to national destinations. has conducted a study among millions of searches to know which are the most popular destinations to travel during September and to know what are the average prices to fly to them. This study revealed that national and European destinations are preferred by those who wish to travel during September. At the same time, said research revealed that traveling in September is on average 32% cheaper this year compared to 2018 and 28% compared to the same month of 2017.

“More and more travelers decide to take vacations in September or during another month of the year. In we have noticed that many Spanish travelers decide to travel to national destinations during September, due to more convenient factors such as the lower price of the flight, less crowds at the destination or more competitive accommodation rates, ”says Guillaume Rostand, Chief Marketing officer.

The 20 most popular destinations to travel in September

Tenerife continues for the third consecutive year as the most popular destination for Spanish travelers traveling this month. They are followed by Paris, which scales from 9th to 2nd position. In third place is London, which scales two positions. Madrid suddenly rises from the 12th position in 2018 to the 4th. In the fifth position is Gran Canaria, followed by Rome. Barcelona climbs a position in the ranking, reaching this year the seventh position. Palma de Mallorca moves from 3rd place last year to 8th position this 2019. Menorca, climbs a place and follows in 9th place. In tenth position is Havana, which is ranked as the most popular long distance destination for travel in September.

Bucharest occupies the 11th position, followed by New York, Seville, Ibiza, Istanbul, Arrecife (Lanzarote) and Amsterdam, which closes the ranking in the 20th place.
Flying in September of this 2019 is much cheaper than the previous years

Traveling to some destinations this September is up to 52% lower than in the same month last year. This is the case in London, whose average price falls 52% this year. Virtually all destinations in the ranking of the most popular Top 20 have reduced their average price above 15%, with the only exception of Istanbul, which has increased its average rate by 6%.

Some of the destinations that have lowered their average price this year are London – 52%; Palma de Mallorca, -45%; Reef, -47%; Seville, -46%; Malaga, -45%; Fuerteventura, -40; Gran Canaria, –37% or Tenerife whose average price fell by -36%.

Methodology: Study based on queries made through the search engine during January and August 2017, 2018 and 2019 to fly during the month of September of those years.