Five oceanfront plans for five traveler profiles, according to Click & Boat

With the summer season just around the corner, and the temperatures rising, Spanish beaches are filled with travelers. From endless sandy beaches to discover as a family, to sunny coves full of life to navigate with friends, the offer available in our country attracts thousands of tourists each year with different profiles but with a common denominator: enjoy a unique holiday.

Getting to these paradises requires completing long routes on foot or, as Click & Boat proposes, navigate near the shore, taking advantage of the wide variety of boats available in Spanish ports. It is about exploring one of the biggest attractions of Spain, its coasts, to discover remote coves or contemplate the environment of the most popular beaches from a new perspective.

Thanks to portals that allow renting pleasure boats such as Click & Boat, sailing is within everyone’s reach, becoming a perfect plan for all budgets and for any traveler, regardless of whether you travel with friends, as a family or as a couple.

Nature for the whole family in San Juan de la Canal, Cantabria

The brave who prefer the fresh water of the Bay of Biscay will fall in love with the landscapes that mix the intense blue of the waters of the north with the greenish tones of the mountains, and the fine white sand of this beach, located in Soto de la Marina. Click & Boat proposes to enjoy a new perspective of this family beach, starting from the port of Santander, to anchor off the coast, on a route that allows you to enjoy the wild beauty of this area.

Oasis of silence to enjoy with your partner, in La Franca, Asturias

Those passionate about history, silence and nature will find in La Franca a small oasis of tranquility and beauty. This beach, declared a Protected Landscape, is undoubtedly a hidden gem between Asturias and Cantabria. Click & Boat proposes a route from the charming port of San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria, bordering the coast between these two beautiful areas of the north.

The best of the beach and the city for urbanites, in Playa de Levante, Alicante

Fans of urban beaches can rediscover this famous sandy area, one of the most photographed in Spain, located in the city of Benidorm, in Alicante. From the boat, bathers can enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean, starting from some nearby ports, such as Campello. A perfect balance between the tranquility of the deck and the entertaining bustle of the coast, in the summer city par excellence.

    Golden sunsets for lovers of photography, in Playa Chica, Tarifa, Andalusia

The hunters of sunsets will find in Playa Chica a dream scenario. This beach is the perfect place to be impressed by the colors of the summer sunsets, bathing in its warm waters. Click & Boat proposes to reach the last beach of the Mediterranean Sea starting the route in the port of Cádiz, to skirt the varied coast of Cádiz, until reaching the southernmost point of Europe.

Lovers of cinema and Mediterranean scenarios will find the essence of these turquoise waters in this beautiful cove, the protagonist of many postcards of Menorca and the setting for videos and commercial campaigns that have inspired many travelers. In the port of Mahón, this trip would begin by the waters of the Mediterranean, skirting this unique island, and exploring the beaches and coves that dot its coast.