FairTrip: The sustainable travel guide arrives on Apple Watch

The sustainable travel guide brings new features with the arrival of iOS 13 and watchOS 6

FairTrip is the first app in the world dedicated to sustainable travel. Featured several times on Apple’s App Store, it references more than 3,000 accommodations, restaurants, or experiences all around the worldfor their authenticity and their positive social and environmental impact.For the launch of iOS 13 and watchOS 6, this free and collaborative app brings a lot of new features like a brand-new app on Apple Watch, the new Dark Mode, and a new Siri shortcut.

Now available on Apple Watch

 FairTrip arrives on Apple Watch, offering the first app in the world dedicated to sustainable tourism on a smartwatch! It is now possible to locate places around you at a glance, wherever you are, and then get directions to the selected location.

This independent app specially designed for watchOS 6 works without even having to install the iPhone app. Travelling differently has never been easier than glancing at your watch!

 FairTrip joins the dark side

The app becomes even more elegant by integrating the new iOS 13 Dark Mode. It is now more pleasant to search for a restaurant at the last minute in a low light environment in the evening. The icing on the cake, Dark Mode is more power-efficient, saving your smartphone’s battery.

New conversational Siri Shortcut

FairTrip takes advantage of the new possibilities offered by iOS 13 to do even more with Apple’s voice assistant. A new conversational shortcut now allows you to search for accommodations, restaurants or experiences around you, or anywhere in the world, just by asking Siri!

This update offers many other new features, such as the ability to search for any place on FairTrip directly from Spotlight without having to open the app.

FairTrip continues to use the latest technologies to allow everyone to travel differently, simply and for free.