FairTrip : the essential guide to travel differently

FairTrip is the first app in the world dedicated to sustainable travel. Featured several times on Apple’s App Store, it references more than 3,000 accommodations, restaurants, or experiences all around the world for their authenticity and their positive social and environmental impact. Available for free on iOS and Android, this collaborative app is enriched everyday thanks to its users.

What’s FairTrip?

FairTrip’s objective is to transform tourism, which accounts for 10% of global GDP, into a tool for inclusive and sustainable growth, vector of global poverty reduction. Each user can add new places in one tap, provided they respect the FairTrip criteria.

Each place is validated by the FairTrip Team before appearing on the app, and users can report those that no longer respect the criteria, those that have closed, etc. Each FairTrip user is consequently a potential guide.

In addition to the 3,000 places listed at the other side of the world or down the street, FairTrip also offers hundreds of ideas of places to visit. You can discover hidden beaches, small isolated villages, wild natural parks, and much more!

Each location is meticulously selected by the FairTrip team. Get out of mass tourism with unique recommendations, highlighting places that are less known and difficult to find in travel guides or on the Internet. FairTrip is the essential guide to travel differently!