Expedia earns almost 350 million through September, up 20.4%

Expedia has increased its net profit by 20.4% in the first nine months, to 389 million dollars (349.8 million euros), compared to 323 million dollars (284 million euros) a year earlier, after registering a 49% improvement in their profits during the last quarter of the year.

From January to September, the turnover of the group reached 8,664 million dollars (7,615 million euros), which is 12% more, while the operating profit of the online travel agency stood at 618 million of dollars (543 million euros), up 20.9% year-on-year.

The gross operating result (Ebitda) stood at 1,499 million dollars (1,316 million euros), which represents an increase of 14.4% over the first nine months of the 2017 fiscal year.

On the side of costs, the expenses of the online group of trips derived from its activity grew by 12.8% to 1,489 million dollars (1,307 million euros) and 11% of its net expenses.

In the third quarter (July-September), the US group earned 525 million dollars (543 million euros) compared to 352 million dollars (309 million euros) from the previous year in that same period, with a turnover that rose to 3,276 million dollars (2,878 million euros), 10.4% more.

The quarterly operating result reached 672 million dollars (509 million euros), an improvement of 39.7% over the same period of the previous year. In this period, reserves rose by 13%.


By brands, in the third quarter, trivago entered 295 million dollars (259 million euros), 13% less, with a positive gross operating result (Ebitda) of 31 million dollars (27.2 million euros) compared to to losses of eight million dollars (7.02 million euros) in the same period of the previous year.

For its part, HomeAway billed 410 million dollars (360 million euros), 35% more than in the third quarter of 2017, with an Ebitda of 209 million dollars (183.5 million euros), 66% more , and a 24% increase in sales of accommodation bookings.

The US group, which operates with brands such as Hotels.com, trivago, HomeAway and CarRentals, has approved a quarterly dividend of 0.32 dollars (0.28 euros) per ordinary share, which will be paid on December 6, to which it will allocate about 48 million dollars (42 million euros).

As of September 30, the company had a cash flow and equivalents of 3,109 million dollars (2,729 million euros), 5.4% less.