Eurowings offers automatic baggage check-in at the Hamburg airport

Quick and flexible check-in of luggage with self-loading

  •  Possibility of saving time using the kiosks in Terminal 1
  • An innovative service for a perfect travel experience

Eurowings offers a new and innovative service at the Hamburg airport. From now on, passengers can use the automatic baggage check-in service at this German airport and quickly and flexibly check their baggage at one of the ten self-service kiosks in Terminal 1 and, therefore, benefit from the Many advantages of this service.

“With fully automated and state-of-the-art baggage check-in kiosks, our passengers can check in quickly and safely, and kiosks make it possible for passengers to check in more quickly than at the counter,” says Katrin. Rieger, vice president of consumer experience and product of Eurowings.

Mirjam Fröhlich, Project Manager at Self Bag Drop at Hamburg Airport, says that, thanks to our modern automatic charging kiosks, Eurowings passengers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of services and, in the future, people traveling with the company in our airport, they will be able to go through the kiosk in a much faster and more flexible way “.

Thus, with a new and fully automated baggage registration service, passengers will have more independence and flexibility when traveling. The aim is to optimize the travel experience for Eurowings passengers by offering processes where they can save time.