Eurostars Hotels launches a new challenge to improve the stays of its guests in summer

Eurostars Hotels has launched, through its platform of ideas and innovation Hotel Tester, a new challenge to the clients that consists of giving solution or minimizing from the hotel those inconveniences that can be presented to the guests during their vacations, such as queues or staying No hammock in the pool.

Of the more than 1,400 ideas of guests collected, about 100 are aimed at making the stay more pleasant, such as offering a tasting of local products upon arrival at the hotel, such as a bowl of gazpacho, to cool off.

Other proposals include holding classes and group activities at the hotel, such as cooking workshops or gym classes, which allow them to meet other guests and have some entertainment; the possibility of renting ‘amenities’ such as sunshades, beach play kits, towels, loungers or mats; or playroom services and workshops for children to have fun.

In addition, customers have also proposed to include sunscreen or ‘aftersun’ between the toiletries in the room and other services such as massages or staff that is responsible for making or unpacking luggage.