Eurostars Hotels analyzes the interaction between robots and customers in a pilot test

Eurostars Hotels has announced the launch of a pilot test that will allow the hotel chain to experiment with robotic systems in the real environment of its hotel facilities and its interaction with customers.

The experience consists of the incorporation in the hotel ‘Eurostars Grand Marina’ of a robot programmed to meet the demands of the guests who are staying at the hotel these days.

The robot, which its developers have named Tiago, has joined the hotel to support the team that manages its cocktail bar The Corner, thus becoming the first android to join the staff of a hotel establishment in Barcelona to attend to the public.

Eurostars Hotels intends to evaluate with this initiative the degree of adaptation in the environment, as well as the level of service and satisfaction that these systems generate over the guests. At a second level, the company aims to encourage reflection on the different ways in which technology will be applied to the hotel sector in the near future.


The robot operates through a mobile application that allows customers to place their orders on the bar menu; these orders are managed in the bar by the staff of The Corner and subsequently delivered to the table by Tiago himself.

For now, the integration of this new actor within the establishment has created a strong expectation among customers who have been surprised by the presence of a robot serving as a waiter and bringing their orders to the table.

The hotel chain ensures that the incorporation of these devices will allow the human staff to focus on a more personalized attention to the guest, providing a value added in their experience and improving the quality of the service.

This initiative to other technological projects in which the chain is working in parallel. Within this group are developments such as the Shine connected room already available in numerous hotels of the company, web platforms for the management of experience and activities by guests or developments for the collection and processing of data related to revenue management, among others.