European pilots consider a “declaration of war” the capacity cut announced by Ryanair

The European Pilots Association (ECA) has called a “declaration of war” the decision of the Irish airline Ryanair to cut its capacity by 1% during the winter season – which will involve the closure of two of its bases in the Netherlands and Holland–.

The ECA warns in a statement of the risk that the “aggressive” attitude of the low-cost airline “seriously worsens” the already deteriorated relations between Ryanair and its pilots and cabin crew.

The association also recalls that the announcement to reduce its capacity is a measure that has been seen as a “punishment” for the last stoppages of its crew in six EU countries, including Spain, to demand local contracts that allow them to benefit of labor rights that apply in the countries where they are based.

“This hostility in management will not be tolerated by the pilots or by the cabin crew,” said ECA President Dirk Polloczek, speaking on behalf of the unions in the sector across Europe.

This being the case, the European pilots demand that the company “immediately reverse” in its decision to close the bases of Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Bremen (Germany) and reduce the capacity of five to three aircraft in the base also German from Niederrhein.

“It is difficult to understand how Ryanair can realistically think that it can reach agreements with the unions while these threats are in the air,” added Polloczek.