Europcar Mobility Group joins MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Alliance

As a global provider of mobility solutions, Europcar Mobility Group is one of the main players in the mobility sector, offering everything from rental services and carsharing to chauffeur services. With the aim of offering a better service, the Group now joins MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Alliance, whose objective is to promote the integration of various transport services into a single service accessible on demand. Following this alliance, the Director of Public Affairs of the Europcar Mobility Group, Jehan de Thé, will also join the Board of Directors of the Alliance for two years.

Created by a public-private partnership, MaaS Alliance aims to create the basis for a common approach to mobility as a service (MaaS). Its main objective is to facilitate the implementation of a single and open market in Europe, which allows the full deployment of MaaS.

By offering various transport options on a single platform, whether public transport, carsharing, taxis, car rental or even a combination of these, MaaS wants to provide its users with access to a package of mobility solutions through the use of a only reservation and payment channel. This last point is a critical and current issue for many European cities, although current discussions in Paris shed light on its importance.

Caroline Parot, CEO of the Management Board of the Europcar Mobility Group, says: “We are delighted to join the MaaS Alliance In its historic vehicle rental business, Europcar Mobility Group has been incorporating the fundamentals of the use and exchange of economies for a long time. in its main business, mobility, urban mobility problems have changed considerably in recent years, which has led us to increase our diversification efforts to include new mobility services such as carsharing, scooter rental, chauffeur services, car rental peer-to-peer, etc. We hope to continue supporting this trend by establishing a dialogue with citizens and private sector companies to detect new ideas for transport solutions, simpler, smarter, cheaper and more respectful with the In short, real alternatives to the ownership of private cars. We are confident that this collaboration with MaaS Alliance will contribute to all of this. ”

Jehan de Thé, Director of Public Affairs of the Mobility Group of Europcar, states: “Grouping services to facilitate access to mobility is a key step to ensure the best use of all modes of transport.”