Ethiopian Airlines suspends the use of its Boeing 737 MAX indefinitely after the accident in Ethiopia

The airline Ethipian Airlines has suspended the use of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft indefinitely, as announced by Twitter, after an air accident with one of these aircraft has caused the death of 157 people, including two Spaniards.

“Although we do not know the cause of the accident for the time being, we have decided to keep our fleet on the ground as an extraordinary measure of precaution,” the airline has stated.

Ethiopian Airlines has four 737 MAX aircraft, not counting the one that crashed on Sunday.

In parallel, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced Monday that it has ordered its commercial airlines to immediately suspend their operations with all their Boeing 737 aircraft.

The aircraft of Ethiopian Airlines that crashed this Sunday shortly after taking off, and in which two Spaniards were traveling, was a Boeing 737 MAX, the same model as the Lion Air flight that crashed in the Java Sea last 29 October causing the death of 189 people.