Enjoy Asian luxury, a trip that reaches its maximum splendor

The experience of luxury begins in the latest generation aircraft of Cathay Pacific

In recent years, the rise of Asia as a tourist destination does nothing more than consummate the appeal of Asian luxury, increasingly demanded by a Spanish tourist who seeks maximum comfort and well-being during the holidays. Now, moreover, it is closer than ever thanks to Asian airlines such as Cathay Pacific, the airline with the largest non-stop connection to Asia and which operates direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona.

The Asian continent, the largest and most populated in the world, is characterized by an offer where enjoyment prevails and, for this reason, its popularity is increasing. From Spain, traveling to Asia is fast and comfortable with Cathay Pacfic, the premium airline of Hong Kong. Thus, the experience of Asian luxury begins on board a plane, with a quality service and characterized by classic Asian hospitality.

In Asia, great diversity allows tourists to choose between different countries with different cultures and landscapes, but under the common denominator of luxury. Depending on the interests of the traveler, Asian luxury varies: from large cities, such as Singapore or Hong Kong, full of spectacular buildings, luxury shopping centers, countless brands, a multitude of activities and an avant-garde environment in terms of innovation; to the paradisiacal landscapes of the beaches of Phuket or Koh Samui (Thailand), with a natural environment – of rainforests by the sea – to enjoy relaxation. Asia thus provides absolutely all the tourist possibilities one can imagine and an «emotional luxury» that comforts the tourist.

The feeling of well-being is completed by other factors such as cultural, historical or gastronomic richness. The latter combines originality and tradition and allows you to enjoy one of the most popular and replicated gastronomic cultures in Western countries.

With the aim of making the most of the moment and extending the moments of idyll with the Asian continent, tourists can enjoy VIP lounges at The Pier. Located in the airport of Hong Kong, it has spaces such as the popular and renowned Noodle Bar or The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga, a newly opened space that is beneficial for the mind, body and soul. The perfect option to complete a trip through Asia before returning to Spain.