Emirates celebrates the growing contribution of women in the airline industry

The Emirates airline celebrates the growing contribution of women in the airline industry and for this it has published a video that shows a crew composed exclusively of women operating the Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777 plane, with several stops.

Captain Ellen Roz, from the United States, and the first officer Heidi McDiarmid, from Australia, covered about 30,000 kilometers in 10 days on five cargo flights from Frankfurt to Mexico City followed by Quito, Aguadilla, Amsterdam and finally Dubai, transporting More than 300 tons of cargo, from fresh flowers and fruit to pharmaceuticals.

The two pilots also joined Captain Heather Wolf, from Canada, to operate the flight from Frankfurt to Mexico City.


Women make up more than 40% of the Emirates workforce, most of whom work as a cabin crew. Emirates pilots come from more than 30 nationalities, covering an age range of 23 to 62 years.

Emirates also celebrates it with its customers on board. In recognition of International Women’s Day, the airline presents more than 120 films directed by women on board its aircraft.

Emirates SkyCargo operates cargo flights to more than 40 international destinations each week. In addition, Emirates Boeing 777 cargo planes also carry out a series of charter operations on request for customers to deliver their products, from heavy machinery to relief equipment. In 2019, Emirates SkyCargo operated more than 300 charter operations worldwide.