Ecologists say that cruises with natural gas are not «sustainable tourism»

Ecologistes en Acció, the Platform for the Quality of the Air, the Assemblea de Barris per un Turisme Sostenible and the European federation Transport and Environment have affirmed this Friday that liquefied natural gas is a fossil fuel and that therefore the cruises that use this fuel «are not sustainable tourism».

As reported by the entities in a statement, can not be considered an environmental solution «as they are announcing the port authorities» because its use in shipping can generate, according to a report by Transport and Environment, up to 9% more emissions of gases of greenhouse effect that the use of marine diesel oil.

The entities have pointed it out after knowing the initiative of companies – Balearia and Naturgy – and Port of Barcelona for the use of liquefied natural gas in ferries, and according to these, the bet «is a smoke screen» to hide, in his words, his inaction before the high levels of contamination and to be able to continue expanding terminals and breaking records in the arrival of cruise passengers.

Even so, they have pointed out that the use of gas is «clearly beneficial» for the reduction of atmospheric pollutant emissions, although in their opinion it would have to be generalized to the set of cruise ships that stop in the city to have a real impact that will have an impact on a substantial improvement in air quality.

According to the organizations, the problem lies in the fact that current ships can not be converted to gas and that in the more than 830 scheduled stops and the 12 new cruise ships that open this year in Barcelona, ​​»only two will be propelled by gas».