Delta, with more than 200 Airbus orders, considers tariffs on the European Union «unfair»

The American Delta Airlines is one of the airlines most exposed to the tariffs announced by the United States for products from the European Union, since it has an order of 266 aircraft from the European manufacturer Airbus.

The company has described it as «an unfair tax for US consumers and businesses.» Delta spokeswoman Lisa Hanna called on the Trump administration and the European Union to resolve the trade dispute «in a way that respects existing contractual rights.»

However, he agreed with Washington’s decision to waive production tariffs and aircraft deliveries at the Airbus plant in Mobile (Alabama).

US airlines are trying to assimilate the new 10% fare for European-made Airbus planes that threaten to wreak extra havoc in an aircraft supply market that has already been staggered by Boeing’s 737 MAX frozen deliveries.

In the case of JetBlue Airways, most orders would be exempt from taxes, however, the spokesman for the airline, Derek Dombrowskila, has expressed concern about «the detrimental impact that aircraft rates will have on the capacity of low-cost airlines like JetBlue to grow and compete. »

In this way, both Delta and JetBlue would have pressed for rates to apply only to new orders.